Anonymous vs. ISIS

#OpISIS is one of the most interesting attempts to counter ISIS accounts technically – unfortunately ISIS will not disappear when the ISIS presence on the Web is gone, fighting ISIS ideology/theology will remain important. OpISIS published a list of websites hosted by providers like and others worldwide, exposing the negligence of the companies – or their interest in easy profit: Islamic State Website Hosting Company Archive

A list of 25.000 Twitter accounts related to ISIS has been released by another hacker by a counter-terrorist acrivist. The operations against the accounts identified can be followed, e. g., on Lucky Troll Club. If you are interest in a how-to guide by Anonymous, there are informations. And a crowdfunding campaign has started to supported these activities.

To follow the operations look at GhostSec or follow CtrSec at Twitter.

Why is this interesting for a blog focussing on Arab hackers? Ghostsec etc. are looking for Arab speaking speacilising to verify their findings of Arab language websites, the center of ISIS online activity.

Ghostsec has now: Target Websites down 119 and Target Accounts down 15,420.