Iran, Hizbullah, Saudi Arabia, and Israel

A website writing “from a U. S. conservative perspective”” describing MEMRI as “a non-partisan research group” detects a joint Iranian-Hizbullah attack on Israel and Saudi Arabia:

Iranian backed hackers

The expert of MEMRI “believes” the attack to be Iranian backed. The article tell us: “regional experts say it is clear that Iran and Hezbollah are part of the effort.” Unfortunately there is only one expert mentioned – from MEMRI. It seems just to be a guessing game: We have got a group trying to get revenge for the killing of a Hizbullah activist, positive reports in Iranian sources (since Iran is supporting Hizbullah, not really a suprise). So we get an “Iranian-backed attacked” with no real identification of the hackers. All this supported by an experted from a – I am sorry – to a certain extend biassed media platform (one of the links in the article links to an article at the website of the French Conseil Représentatif des Institutions juives de France, not really giving credibility to the article).
For those interested in the attacks: