Saudi hackers

Saudi Hackers

The most important attacks by Saudi hackers were aimed on Israeli sites, triggering a competition between Saudi and Israeli hackers in 2012:

Everything you need to know about the ongoing [in 2012] Israeli-Saudi hacker struggle

A reaction of a Saudi hacker:

Saudi hacker to Mossad

An interview with this Saudi hacker:

A chat with the teen Saudi hacker

But there are also attacks on other sites (or objects):

Saudi hacker compromise Undead Labs Forum

An alleged attack on the e-mail accounts of Bashir al-Asad:

An attack on the Iraqi newspaper al-Nahar retaliating for critique of Saudi religious scholars:

Saudi hacker hacked an ad board:

A nice video boasting the excellence of Saudi hackers:

hackers Saudi Arabia

Sometimes even hackers die:

Saudi hacker dies of asthma attack


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